Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet The Flock: Tolbunt Polish

Dancing Hen Farm: Meet The Flock!

Tolbunt Polish

We have a beautiful flock of Tolbunt Polish at Dancing Hen Farm. This is a rare color in polish, and we think it is the most extraordinary! We sourced our original flock from four different breeders in order to ensure good genetic diversity. We are also crossing some of our birds to nice gold laced polish and then breeding those split babies back to the tolbunts in order to further expand and improve their genetics and their quality.  This is important because only a small group of tolbunt polish were imported into the US over a decade ago and then that stock was repeatedly inbred for too long. The result was very detrimental to the breed. Tolbunt polish in the US became very weak and developed a lot of physical flaws, including such things as poor color, low fertility, crooked feet, and weak chicks.  Good breeders today are working hard to reverse these problems by widening the gene pools of their flocks as much as possible. We did our own research when we decided to work with this breed, and have decided that the best results are coming from breeders who are crossing to gold laced polish. The tolbunt pattern is a gold laced with white mottling, which is a unique pattern to the tolbunt polish, and so good quality gold laced polish can be used to improve the tolbunts. We cross our tolbunts to gold laced polish, and then cross those offspring back to tolbunt. This improves their genetics without losing their pattern.

We have both smooth and frizzled tolbunt polish. The frizzled tolbunts are some of the most eye catching chickens around! They look more like muppets than chickens!  Add a couple of those to your flock and people will be sure to stop and notice!  Our tolbunts are very docile, sweet birds and make very good pets. They would be great birds for children.  The hens lay nice sized white eggs. These are beautiful, striking, rare polish chickens.


  1. Do you have any eggs available? If so, cost to ship to 91387

  2. Do you have any Tolbunt Polish hatching eggs available ?

  3. Do you have any tolbunt polish hatching eggs or chicks available? If so how much?

  4. Do you have any tolbunt hatching soon?